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Our Approach

The climate, lifestyle and demographics of our communities are changing rapidly, and in turn the demands on our built environment. It is important to consider what we need from our homes and workplaces, so we can make resilient and forward-looking decisions. Everything we build today will be operating decades from now. This guides our approach.

By placing performance at its core, our design philosophy ensures that the parts of the building you can’t see are well-engineered and built to work. Security, sound, thermal comfort, air quality and energy consumption are as important as great design and modern conveniences.

We want to create the next generation of resilient buildings.

A sustainable building must have a light environmental footprint while sheltering its occupants comfortably, for many decades into the future. Making these important long-term decisions is a responsibility that we take seriously.

Forging pathways for inclusive community engagement.


We aspire for our projects to leave positive legacies in their neighbourhoods, and seek to engage with local residents and government as stakeholders in the process. We believe that good design considers an area’s character, culture and future needs of its people.



How do we deliver Passivhaus projects?


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Passivhaus in Australia