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How do we deliver Passivhaus projects?

At C.Street, we have formal training from the Passivhaus Institute in the delivery of Passivhaus projects, complementing our engineering and construction backgrounds and years of field experience. 

The Passivhaus model requires a proactive and systematic approach to the entire project, from site selection to final certification, driven by the project sponsor. Multi-residential projects are one of the more complex typologies, due to the plethora of code requirements and scrutiny.

We design and test our own building envelopes, supported by experts, and set clear rules on the project direction for the team. The Passivhaus performance of the project is checked at an early stage of design development and confirmed with a detailed review of construction drawings. This would include the PHPP model and condensation modelling. We guide input from the Passivhaus consultant, ensuring that all details can be built efficiently and cost-effectively. Several rounds of feedback may occur between the consultant, Passivhaus certifier, C.Street and the design team. 

We assemble a construction team comprising trusted subcontractors and suppliers; and may select a builder from a negotiated or tender process. Our projects are designed to be built using the existing skill set of Australian trades, with slight modifications. This sequence is agreed upon collaboratively and executed on-site with close management. We coordinate the certification process with the builder, consultant, and certifier.